Zebranie w muzeum

About museum

We are a young institution by museum standards, established in December 1990 by a resolution of the City Council of Ruda Śląska. At that time, it was decided that an institution should be established in the city to collect, catalogue and protect monuments of material culture in accordance with the standards in force in museology.

A permanent team of employees was appointed to organise the various departments and develop the collections. The Museum took over the collection which had been gathered since 1976 in the Municipal Regional Chamber by members of the Association of Friends of the City of Ruda Śląska - people in love with the history of their city and passionate collectors. The collection is constantly growing thanks to donors and purchases from the city budget.

At present, the Museum is named after Maksymilian Chrobok, one of the organisers of the Regional Chamber. It is located in a building from the early 20th century built for educational purposes. It housed a vocational training school and a school of households, and later served as the town hall of the municipality of Ruda.